Make a video and join us!
COVID-19 caught our world unprepared. What initially seemed to be a problem that would be solved within days, struck the world and within a few weeks changed the way we live our lives in just about every way. Hundreds of thousands infected, thousands died. In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we were all forced to quarantine.
People all over the world found themselves captured by their states, locked in theirhomes. They do not go outside, they can’t visit their relatives, they are waiting until it gets better.
But they don't wait with their arms folded. They refuse to succumb to dark thoughts. They decided to help and "fight" the current situation with humor and togetherness. Where masks are missing, hundreds of people sew them. Where help is lacking, they help those who have no one. Singers organize online concerts from their homes, actors read online books. Televisions are launching teaching programs so that children can educate themselves. And people go spontaneously up to their balconies and sing together to show COVID-19: We won't surrender!
And it’s these moments of reciprocity that prove that humanity is still very much amongst us, we would like to capture in the documentary “Life in Corontine”.
We want to pay tribute to everyone who has decided to fight the pandemic of coronavirus through videos you send to us that capture your everyday life in quarantine.
The more we get, the more colorful the portrait will be. The more common moments you capture, the truer our film will be. Help us pay tribute to people who don't give up.
People who have not forgotten that they are human.

Thank you.
David Laňka and Martin Müller

PS: Read the conditions carefully and fill in the form. Send us your videos via WeTransfer, MyAirbridge, Úschovna, or share it via Google Drive. Ideally landscape, in 1920x1080 resolution and higher. The film will be released for free on online platforms once it is completed.
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